Journalism That Matters

A friend sent me an interesting newsletter e-mail the other day that included this great post about Journalism that Matters:

Journalism That Matters is an evolving community and collaboration supporting pioneering individuals who are shaping the emerging information and news ecosystem.Journalism That Matters focuses on cultivating "healthy journalists" and lively, informative interaction between journalists, teachers, reformers and community members. 

Journalism that matters in an interesting combination between old and new world journalism and Art of Hosting techniques, another community that I have been involved with in the last few years. Art of Hosting is all about bringing out the best ideas in the room or community to best solve a problem. It's a great technique for tackling big issues, like the future of journalism. Many un-conferences, like Podcamp Halifax, use art of hosting techniques like 'open space' to loosely plan an event.

Although traditional newspapers have slowed the rapid decline since the recession a few years that saw many papers shut their doors or drastically reduce staff, the message is clear: innovate or die. Journalism that matters looks like great way to discuss ways for the future while respecting the traditions that got us here.