Thanks for stopping by the blog section of the site. I plan to blog about whats new in video and photography as well as reviewing new technology as it emerges.

I am using mostly state of the art "combo cams" to produce our video, as it allows the best of both worlds. Having been trained as a photojournalist, using this type of camera comes naturally to me, and allows me to work quickly and get a varied amount of shots in a short period of time, which is ideal....

The leader in these cameras is the Canon 5DmkII, which has absolutely stunning video quality, and has been embraced by the film community as well, and we are starting to see TV ads being shot with this camera.

Fast on the heels of the 5DmkII is the super cute Panasonic GH1 which is so in demand right now (largely because it is the only combo-cam to date that can autofocus while shooting) that is very hard to get a hold of in Canada and the US.

Its an exciting time in the photo/video world because convergence is finally here NOW. Video guys are shooting billboards, and photographers are starting to learn video editing skills to shoot web videos and commercial spots.

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